About Andrew Colton

Andrew Colton is North America’s premiere litigation media expert, from stunning Legal Day In The Life Video, Life After Loss® and Legal Settlement Documentaries, to law firm media relations and Sentence Mitigation productions. More than 200 law firms rely on Andrew’s media professionalism.

Andrew Colton is an award-winning, former on-air national network news correspondent.

Andrew Colton is the leading producer nationally of high-impact litigation Video Settlement Brochure, Life After Loss®, “Day In The Life Videos” and Sentence Mitigation productions. Andrew is also trusted as the premiere litigation media relations expert in North America. Attorneys retain Colton to benefit from his story telling and production expertise honed during years spent as an award winning on-air national correspondent for ABC News and CBS Newspath, and as a host of the nationally syndicated “Wall Street Journal This Morning.” Andrew logs more than 150,000 miles a year working in person with attorneys and their clients. His legal communication services and counsel routinely help attorneys induce record and landmark settlements. Andrew is frequently engaged in domestic cases that require international travel to visit with Plaintiffs who now live overseas.

You likely saw Andrew Colton reporting live from many of the major events that have shaped our world, including from the Pentagon on 9/11, the crash of ValuJet 592 in the Florida Everglades, the trial of Andrea Yates, the Olympics in Athens, Greece, and the start of the second Iraqi war from Tel Aviv. He is the recipient of several major broadcasting awards and has been “based” in all parts of the United States as a journalist, including Philadelphia, Detroit, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Washington, DC, Miami and Los Angeles. He also embraces smaller-town assignments, having spent considerable time in Roanoke, VA and Salisbury, MD. Not just an on-camera correspondent, Andrew is a member of the National Press Photographers Association which is dedicated to visual storytelling. Andrew is often invited to speak at major attorney conferences.

Andrew Colton is North America’s premiere litigation communications expert. An award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew is retained by more than 200 law firms. He also serves as Director of Media Relations for the prestigious “Injury Board,” and Director of Communications for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

Legal Media Expert.

Andrew Colton is now retained by trial attorneys nationwide, in Canada and the United Kingdom. Among his more than 200 powerhouse clients: Michigan Auto Law / Steve Gursten, Esq. (National); . Leizerman and Young (National); Morgan and Morgan (National); Kline and Specter (Philadelphia), The Spence Firm (Jackson Hole, WY and National); Miles and Stockbridge (National); Weltchek, Mallahan and Weltchek (Baltimore, MD and National); Maron Marvel (Wilmington, DE); Colombo Law (Morgantown, WV); Law Offices of Jan K. Apo (Maui, HI); Rossi Vucinovich (Seattle); Pritzker Olsen (Minneapolis); Ellis Ged and Bodden (South Florida);  Hightower Angelley (Dallas); Miller and Zois (Baltimore); Law Offices of Jenna Harden (Portland, OR); Casper, Meadows, Schwartz and Cook (San Francisco); Trethowans Solicitors (United Kingdom). (Visit the home page for a longer list).

Law firms rely on Colton to bring a masterful story telling technique to complicated litigation, humanizing injured or aggrieved clients while simplifying the event that led to the lawsuit.

His effective storytelling techniques — including writing, interviewing, production, videography, voice over, and visual persuasion have helped attorneys induce hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements.

Even “day in the life videos” which traditionally do not utilize scripting or narration are shot with stunning visual detail and edited into a persuasive self-contained story.

Andrew Colton’s Journalistic Background Is Real. His Legal Video And Legal Communication Expertise Leads To Record Results.

Unlike “legal videographers,” Andrew Colton is an award winning print and broadcast journalist who knows the only award that matters is what you receive for your client. Using network news broadcast skills and the depth and breadth of a print journalist, his ability to condense complicated litigation into an effective narrative is second to none. His clients span from South Florida to the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii to Alaska, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

Andrew Colton is also retained by law firms and solo practioners nationwide to provide media relations and crisis communications expertise. Andrew has the insight and knowledge to craft effective and responsive news media campaigns to promote your firm and your cases.

Andrew is honored to have worked with organizations including the American Cancer Society and Philadelphia’s Dignity Housing. He believes strongly in offering pro-bono and charitable multimedia production, media relations and crisis management services to non-profit organizations nationwide.

In 2014, The United States Patent and Trademark Office registered “Life After Loss” as a trademark of ColtonCreative, LLC.

In 2018, Andrew was named Director of Communications for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

In 2020, Andrew was named Director of Media Relations for Injury Board, the preeminent organization of the nation’s leading personal injury attorneys.

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