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Legal Videographer

Andrew Colton is North America’s Premiere Legal Videographer. He does not outsource. He is retained by more than 200 law firms from Miami to Seattle, Honolulu to Anchorage, New York to Los Angeles. He is the premiere legal video producer in North America.

Andrew Colton is a legal communications expert, NOT a “court reporter with a camera.”

Andrew Colton is the nation’s premiere legal videographer. Retained by more than 200 law firms seeking a legal communications expert, not a “court reporter with a camera,” Andrew Colton is the go-to guy for stunning day in the life legal video productions, settlement brochure legal video, legal video settlement brochures, and his “Life After Loss®” videos which hold a trademark from the USPTO.

Andrew Colton is an award winning former network news correspondent. His work has helped induce nearly $1B in settlements nationwide. He is routinely retained in high-stakes, high-value personal injury, truck accident, medical malpractice, aviation disaster, products liability, toxic tort and wrongful death cases.

 Andrew Colton does not offer deposition services. He is retained when communicating your position in a human, emotional manner is key to settling your case. Andrew is also often the first call when attorneys, attempting to save money, hire a deposition videographer to produce a legal video production, only to affirm their accurate belief that videographers who promote the “CLVS” branding are fine for deposition videography, but not for providing the creativity,  depth and breadth needed to successfully communicate your position — and represent your client — through video.

Legal Videographer

Andrew Colton’s knowledge, insight and experience using video to tell emotional and impactful stories is why he is retained by attorneys from New York City to Los Angeles and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Andrew Colton’s work has even been utilized by the United States Department of Justice in its prosecution of a major extermination company that nearly killed a family of four by using illegal chemicals. From initial contact through successful case resolution, Andrew Colton is your legal video and litigation communication partner.

Please visit the homepage of Colton Legal Media to learn more about Andrew Colton, his services, and why attorneys nationwide rely on his expertise and professionalism to make their strong cases even stronger. Telephone 877-484-4611 or use the contact form to send a message.