Andrew Colton is North America’s Premiere Personal Injury Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, Life After Loss® Producer and Litigation Communication Expert.

An award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew Colton’s Legal Settlement Documentaries have helped induce more than $1B. Andrew flies more than 200k miles worldwide each year, producing Legal Settlement Videos, Day-In-The-Life videos,
Sentence Mitigation videos in person.

There is no crew to stress out your client. There is no outsourcing. Andrew does it all.

Legal Day In The Life Video. Legal Settlement Video. Sentence Mitigation Video. Legal Video. Andrew Colton is a legal communications expert, not a court reporter.

Retained In Litigation Involving: Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Traumatic Brain Injury, Wrongful Death, Birth Injury, Aviation Disaster, Amtrak Derailment, Products Liability, Truck Crash, Construction Accident, Amputation, PPI Cancer, Vaping Cancer, Weed Killer Cancer, Ride Share Crash, Financial Crimes, MDL’s.

Andrew Colton is retained by more than 200 law firms and personally produces legal video productions, Legal Day In The Life video, Legal Settlement Documentary, and his Federally Trademarked “Life After Loss®” legal video productions in person, world wide. Andrew Colton is an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent. Andrew Colton’s Legal Settlement Documentaries are so powerful, they’ve been used by the United States Department of Justice to prosecutor a major corporate case.

Andrew Colton is respected by attorneys as a communications expert, serving as Director of Media Relations for the prestigious Injury Board, and Director of Communications for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

Andrew Colton’s Legal Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Video, Legal Communication clients include the most prestigious attorneys in the United States and around the world, including members of Injury Board, the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, Trial Lawyers and the AAJ.

From Denver to Detroit, South Florida to Southeast Asia, New York to New Zealand, Andrew Colton’s Legal Video Productions, Day In The Life Videos, Legal Settlement Documentaries Induce Record and Landmark Results.

Retained By Lawyers Worldwide For More Than A Decade. Here’s Why.

ANDREW COLTON is an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent. He effectively turns your case into a compelling, understandable story — whether through a video-only “Day In The Life” video, or through his Federally trademarked “Life After Loss®” videos which are appropriately-priced hybrid settlement/day in the life video productions. Andrew’s Sentence Mitigation Videos help defense attorneys in appropriate criminal defense matters.

CONCISE. EFFECTIVE. MEDIATORS AND DEFENDANTS SAY “THANKS.” Andrew Colton’s professional journalism experience — from network news to the Wall Street Journal — led him to develop an authoritative but professionally concise storytelling delivery. Andrew efforts for all legal settlement video productions to run under 10 minutes. He is often thanked by mediators — even defense counsel — for showing the facts, not sensationalizing the case.

NO TRAVEL FEES. There’s no fee for reasonable domestic travel. Andrew logs more than 200,000 miles each year producing legal day in the life videos and legal settlement documentaries. In 2019, Andrew traveled for personal injury and death cases in 38 states, on two Hawaiian islands, in Southeast Asia, Canada and in the United Kingdom.

NO CREW. During years on-air at the network level, Andrew Colton realized multi-person crews aren’t needed. Andrew shoots, edits, narrates and fully produces every legal video, day in the life video and legal settlement video production. There is no entourage to intimidate your client. Andrew develops a rapport with victims — they appreciate his personal approach and “open up” to him.

EXPERIENCE. Andrew Colton is dedicated to justice. Colton Legal Media was founded more than a decade ago. He is retained, trusted and respected by more than 200 law firms around the world. His work has helped the world’s leading lawyers induce more than $1B for their clients.

RESPECTED. Lawyers are a tough group to impress. But the prestigious Injury Board named him “Director of Media Relations” for the elite organization. He is also Director of Communications for the highly respected Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

EXPERT TESTIMONY. Attorneys frequently rely on Andrew Colton’s expertise to determine whether video was altered, manipulated, or otherwise altered from its original form when extracted from surveillance cameras, police body cameras, social media or other sources. With state of the art equipment, Andrew Colton can often determine changes in bit rate, frame rate, or other telltale signs that video and audio communications are — or are not — what they appear to be.

Success. It’s Why Attorneys Rely On Andrew Colton.

More Than 200 Law Firms Worldwide Trust Andrew Colton for Legal Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Video, Life After Loss® Legal Video.

“Andrew Colton’s work has literally added million of dollars for my clients. I’ve worked with many different people and companies over the years. Andrew is the best in the business!”


“Thank you for your practiced and professional guidance. I can assure you that without your participation and video, the result would not have been achievable.”


“A record! Thanks for all your help, Andrew. We will work together again!”


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Andrew Colton is Everywhere. There’s No Crew. Andrew Does It All.

No outsourcing. No court reporters. Andrew Colton personally handles all aspects of your case. In person. No domestic travel fees. No “camera crew” to embarrass your client. Andrew’s work is low profile with a high impact.

Nationwide: 877-484-4611; Atlanta 678-498-2130; Baltimore 443-863-4204; Charlotte 980-474-4299; Chicago 312-982-8720; Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston 972-528-5860; Denver, Boulder 720-644-1630; Detroit 248-876-4690; Honolulu and Maui 808-427-0490; Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee 904-328-7030; Las Vegas 702-551-2590; Los Angeles 213-223-6270; Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando 561-948-0670; Minneapolis 763-710-8770; New York 646-687-6644; Philadelphia 267-546-5701; Phoenix, Scottsdale and Yuma 602-726-8540; Portland, Oregon 503-445-4860; Salt Lake City and Park City 385-282-6870; San Francisco 415-376-4710; Seattle 206-686-9860; Washington, DC 202-545-6460.

More Than 200 Law Firms Rely On Andrew Colton.

North America’s leading attorneys retain Andrew Colton. for Legal Settlement Video, Settlement Documentary and Day In The Life Video productions.

Among Andrew Colton’s more than 200 major clients: Burg Simpson (Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona and National); Morgan and Morgan (National); Kline and Specter (Philadelphia and National);  Michigan Auto Law / Steve Gursten, Esq. (National); The Spence Law Firm (Jackson Hole, WY;  National); Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal (Denver, Colorado and National); Kumpf Charsley and Hansen (Denver, Colorado and National); Greenspoon Marder (Miami, FL and National); The Cochran Firm (Washington, DC and National); Leizerman and Young (National); Romano Law Group, (Palm Beach, FL and National); Shindler, Anderson, Goplrerud and Weese (Des Moines, IA and National); Weltchek, Mallahan and Weltchek (Baltimore, MD and National);  Marino Associates (Philadelphia and National); Miles and Stockbridge (National);

Rossi Vucinovich (Seattle); The Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal (Denver and National); Maron Marvel Bradley (Wilmington, Delaware); The Law Offices of Jan K. Apo (Maui, HI), Law Offices of Mariano Morales (National and Yakima, WA). Colombo Law (National, Morgantown, WV); The Law Offices of Johnny Brown (Maui, HI); Silberstein, Awad and Miklos (New York); Cantelme and Brown (Phoenix); Casper, Meadows and Schwartz (San Francisco); Pritzker Hageman (Minneapolis/St. Paul); Truck Accident Attorney’s Roundtable (National); Law Offices of Kirke C. Quinn (National, Boone, IA); Lenahan Law (Dallas, TX); Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal (Denver, CO). Trethowans Solicitors (United Kingdom). More than 200 law firms retain Andrew Colton as a litigation communication expert.

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“No lawyer, insurance adjustor or mediator wants to sit through a long, boring video. My legal documentaries are high impact, highly effective, and prove ‘there is no other side of the story™’ — often in ten minutes or less.”


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