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Wrongful Death Video For Litigation

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The Most Successful Wrongful Death Legal Video Production, Used By More Than 200 Law firms Nationwide. No Outsourcing. No Travel Fees. Andrew Colton Is Everywhere.

More than 200 law firms nationwide seeking Wrongful Death Video for Litigation rely on Andrew Colton at Colton Legal Media. Andrew Colton’s federally trademarked “Life After Loss®” videos are so unique, so professional, they routinely lead to major and landmark settlements in wrongful death cases.
An award-winning, former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew Colton’s approach is unparalleled. He forges a personal relationship with surviving family members and conducts professional, emotional interviews. The final production is never “over the top.” It shows how loved ones are truly dealing with a preventable loss.

Professionally produced with powerful interviews and images, Life After Loss® productions show life after the accident, after the injury, after the death. Life After Loss videos humanize the emotion and impact, often substantially increasing the value of loss of consortium claims. These legal video documentaries are so effective and unique that the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered “Life After Loss®” as a trademark of Colton Legal Media. Life After Loss videos are best described as Legal “Day In The Life video” with impactful interviews and a short liability segment.

Andrew Colton, an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent, created “Life After Loss®” videos to offer his clients a high-impact, cost-effective legal settlement video option that is all-inclusive, yet a shorter, watchable length.

Learn more about these highly successful videos by watching the short presentation below. Andrew Colton does not charge more to re-edit a “life after loss” video into a stand-alone “day in the life video” if your case does not settle in mediation. There is no more effective product for inducing settlement.