Personal Injury Day In The Life Video

Personal Injury Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, Yielding More Than $1B.

No court reporters. No outsourcing. No travel fees. Andrew Colton is North America’s premiere Personal Injury Day In The Life Video producer and legal communication expert. An award-winning former on-air network news correspondent, his ability to tell stories and extract emotion is unparalleled.

Andrew works with more than 200 law firms. Always in person.


No Travel Fees. No Outsourcing. Communications Expert. Andrew Colton logs more than 100,000 miles each year working on location with his clients. There is no outsourcing. Andrew is a communications professional, not a court reporter with a camera.

Personal Injury Day In The Life Video

High Impact Legal Video. Andrew Colton’s Day In The Life Legal Video, trademarked Life After Loss® video and legal settlement video documentaries have helped induce more than $1B.

Record and Landmark Settlements: Andrew Colton is retained to produce personal injury day in the life legal video, life after loss legal video and settlement documentaries in major cases, including Personal Injury. Medical Malpractice. Wrongful Death. Truck Crash. Helicopter Crash. Aviation Disaster. Amtrak Crash. Traumatic Brain Injury. Amputation. Construction Accident. Birth Injury. Cerebral Palsy. Mesothelioma. Police Misconduct. Preventable Domestic Terrorism. Products Liability. Juul and Vaping Injury Litigation. Weed Killer Cancer. Ride Share Crashes and Assaults. Financial Crimes. Mass Tort. Federal Corporate Negligence.

No Crew. Andrew shoots, edits, writes, narrates and produces each Personal Injury Day In The Life Video production. There is no “crew” to invade your client’s most personal moments.

The Executive Summary Of Your Case. Long, boring overly dramatic legal video productions are completely ineffective. The vast majority of Andrew Colton’s legal video productions run 8-10 minutes. The goal: presenting the human element of your case in a format that is viewed by the CEO, General Counsel or other top representatives of the defendant. No one wants to sit through a 30 minute video — and they won’t. Consider this the executive summary of your case — the summary that proves “There Is No Other Side Of The Story.”™

Not A Court Reporter. A real reporter. Andrew Colton is a communications professional.

Andrew Colton is an award-wining former on-air national network news correspondent retained by more than 200 law firms. His interview skills often extract emotion and details from victims that their lawyers did not previously know.

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“Andrew Colton’s work has literally added million of dollars for my clients. I’ve worked with many different people and companies over the years. Andrew is the best in the business!”


Andrew is also retained to produce his trademarked “Life After Loss®” videos which are best described as “day in the life legal videos” with short interviews highlighting the impact of an injury or death from the client, family and friends, and long form video settlement brochures. Andrew Colton’s legal video documentaries have helped attorneys induce settlements valued at nearly $1B. There is no outsourcing. Andrew logs more than 100,000 miles each year working — on location — with attorneys and their clients. There is no travel fee. Learn more on the homepage by clicking here, or telephone 1-877-484-4611. You also use this form to send a message.

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