Sentencing Mitigation Video, Sentence Reduction Video For Criminal Defense

Andrew Colton’s Sentencing Mitigation Video productions are high-impact documentaries designed to induce leniency.

An award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew is retained by more than 200 law firms seeking communications excellence.

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Andrew Colton’s Sentence Mitigation Videos often help defense attorneys induce sentence on the lower end of sentencing guidelines.

Sentence Mitigation Video Documentary: Show The Good

Letters are impersonal. Documents don’t show who your client truly is. That’s why Criminal Defense attorneys nationwide rely on Andrew Colton — the premiere producer of litigation video documentaries across the United States. Andrew Colton’s “Sentence Mitigation” videos show the good your client has done and the role your client plays in a family or a community. Simply put: Andrew Colton’s “Sentence Mitigation” videos help you explain why any sentence that your client faces should fall on the lower end of guidelines.

Colton Legal Media proudly supports the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Andrew Colton is an award winning former on-air national network news correspondent. For more than a decade, Andrew’s deeply personal and emotional legal video productions have helped induce nearly $1 Billion in settlements and led to dramatic sentence reductions. He works with more than 200 law firms nationwide. Andrew’s trademarked “Life After Loss® Videos” are utilized in major litigation against Fortune 500 companies across North America.

Andrew Colton’s sentence mitigation video documentaries utilize the same production value, storytelling excellence and communication expertise to effectively explain why leniency is appropriate. There is no charge for domestic travel. Telephone 877-484-4611 or use the contact form, below.

Sentence Mitigation Video That Works

Featuring the Defendant’s life story and the people who know the Defendant, Andrew Colton’s Sentencing Mitigation Videos draw on his award winning legal storytelling to convey the good. His productions refocus the narrative to the Defendant’s qualities and character, who the Defendant has helped, who loves the Defendant and why. While no one can turn back the clock, Sentencing Mitigation videos can help enable a ”reset” by focusing on the personal character traits and the backstory that may have never been presented or allowed at trial.

Sentencing Mitigation Video productions are available to a select number of clients each year. All cases are considered.

Sentencing Mitigation Video Contact Information

Telephone 877-484-4611 to learn more. Click here to see our Plaintiff’s work for insight and understanding into the impact possible for your Sentence Mitigation Video. (Criminal Defense clients, as well as “real world” samples, are available privately). Use the form below to send a message. Remember: there is never a charge for domestic travel. Andrew Colton works with more than 200 law firms and logs more than 150,000 miles each year. There is no outsourcing.

Retained By More Than 200 Law Firms For Cases Nationally, Internationally.

Andrew Colton is retained by more than 200 law firms for cases nationally and internationally. There is no crew. There is no outsourcing. There s no charge for reasonable domestic travel. Andrew develops a relationship with your client and personally handles all elements of production. Learn about his Settlement Documentary, Day In The Life Video, Life After Loss Video productions.

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Andrew Colton works closely with major legal organizations nationwide. He serves as media relations director for Injury Board, and Director of Communications for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.
How Are Sentence Mitigation Videos Used?

Sentence Mitigation Videos produced by ColtonLegalMedia are shared in State and Federal Court.

Do Sentence Reduction Videos Work?

Sentence Mitigation and Sentence Reduction Videos by ColtonLegalMedia routinely lead to sentences on the lower end of guidelines.

Are Sentencing Mitigation Videos Appropriate For All Criminal Cases?

ColtonLegalMedia does not accept all cases for Sentence Mitigation Videos.