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Surfside Champlain Condo Tower Collapse Litigation Video

Legal Video Productions That Induce Record Settlements In Cases Like The Champlain Condo Tower Collapse In Surfside, Florida.

Attorneys nationwide rely on Florida-based Colton Legal Media, and Andrew Colton, for legal settlement documentary productions in cases like the Surfside Champlain Condominium Tower Collapse on Miami Beach.

From Seoul, South Korea to Surfside, Florida, Andrew Colton and Florida-based Colton Legal Media produce settlement documentaries for more than 200 law firms engaged in major litigation, like the Champlain Condo Tower Collapse on Miami Beach.

Construction Defect, Wrongful Death, Municipal Negligence. Andrew Colton’s Legal Settlement Documentaries Routinely Induce Record Results.

Andrew Colton is an award-winning, former on-air national network news correspondent His legal settlement documentaries routinely induce record and landmark settlements in construction defect, wrongful death, personal injury and gross negligence cases. Andrew Colton’s videos have induced more than $1B in settlements nationwide. He is retained in high stakes, high value cases including aviation disaster, truck disaster, medical malpractice, birth injury, construction defect, municipal negligence, and injury cases.

Surfside Champlain Condo Tower Collapse Litigation

Retained by more than 250 law firms nationwide for national and international cases, Andrew Colton is the premier producer of legal video productions. He is not a “court reporter” with a camera, but an award-winning storyteller who in unequalled at his ability to communicate the emotion and facts behind a case. His trademarked “Life After Loss®” video productions focus on the emotional and psychological impact of a tragedy, like the Champlain Tower collapse in Florida.

Learn more by watching the video, above, or on the Colton Legal Media homepage. Telephone 877-484-4611 to learn more. There is no entourage. There is no outsourcing. Andrew Colton works directly with you and your clients. He logs more than 150,000 miles each year working on location on national and international cases for law firms of all sizes.

Andrew Colton is ready to assist in your Surfside Champlain Tower Collapse litigation.