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No Court Reporters or CLVS Legal Videographers. Ever.

No Court Reporters. No CLVS. No Legal Videographers. Our Legal Video Work Is Professional.

Court reporters have no business producing Day In The Life Legal Video, Video Settlement Brochure, or Settlement Documentary productions.

That’s why the nation’s leading Personal Injury and plaintiff’s attorney clients nationwide rely on my expertise and the guarantee that I neither outsource nor use “court reporters” or “legal video specialists” who promote “CLVS” training. I am a litigation communication expert — an award winning former on-air national network news correspondent.

More than 150 law firms nationwide retain me, not “a service.”

On the issue of CLVS  legal videographers: I am told by my clients time and time again that court reporters have neither the experience nor creativity to effectively produce litigation documentaries used in high-stakes, high-value cases.

No Court Reporters. Never. Ever.

I am often retained by law firms that attempted to save money by hiring a CLVS videographer to produce a “Day in the Life” or “Video Settlement Documentary,” only to be mortified by the results.

Court reporters are excellent for transcribing fast moving court and deposition activity, but by and large do not have the professional experience of a network news correspondent, producer or videographer who covered major national and international stories on unwavering deadlines.

This is why attorneys nationwide and in Canada rely on my expertise to produce intelligent, professional “Day in the Life” and “Video Settlement Documentary” productions that routinely lead to record and landmark settlements.

Telephone me at 1-877-484-4611 to personally and confidentially discuss your case. I do not charge for reasonable domestic travel, and if I can not meet your budget, I will tell you up front. Visit the homepage here to send a message.