Life After Loss Legal Video

Loss Of Consortium: Life After Loss® Videos amplify how your client is dealing with personal injury, or life after a loved one’s injury or death.

Life After Loss Videos® are my most popular production. Knowing that briefs and memos are an imperfect platform for expressing emotion — or truly introducing opposing counsel to your client —  my Life After Loss productions show just how a loved one is dealing with injury or death — or the injury or death of a loved one.  These productions are frequently first-person — the only people speaking are the family members and friends of the deceased. Life After Loss® are so unique, I hold a federal trademark with the USPTO.

Andrew Colton Legal Video

As an award winning former network news correspondent, attorneys nationwide rely on my ability to extract the raw emotion at the core of the case and present it in a compelling manner. I am not a deposition videographer. I am retained as a communications expert who helps attorneys show the strength of their case in an effort to induce settlement. My interviewing technique exposes the true emotion at the core of your cause. I frequently induces tears in your client within the first six minutes. Attorneys routinely comment on my ability to extract information that they did not have.

Your clients are trying to present a brave face when you meet with them. When they meet with me, they let their guard down.

From car accidents to police misconduct, from products liability to medical malpractice, “Life After Loss” documentaries provide a high-impact way to express what words on paper rarely can. My documentaries lead to record and landmark settlements.

View the sample below for a glimpse into my Life After Loss productions. For full length samples, please use the contact form below.