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Legal Press Release Writing And Distribution

Legal press release writing, law firm media relations from Andrew Colton

Attorneys nationwide — as well as major legal organizations and associations — rely on Andrew Colton for legal press release writing and distribution, crisis legal media relations, case marketing and law firm promotion.

Andrew Colton’s legal communications and marketing expertise generates results. He serves as “Director of Communications” for the 500-member Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and provides media counsel to solo practioners and major law firms nationwide.

Andrew Colton is an award winning former on-air national network news correspondent retained by hundreds of lawyers nationwide for settlement documentary production in high-stakes, high-value cases. His journalistic experience, insight and communications expertise isn’t limited to legal video production. Andrew’s years as a front line reporter and correspondent provide him with a unique understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Simply put: he knows how to have your message heard without up-selling you on services that are ineffective.

Andrew has successfully placed his clients on television newscasts, radio broadcasts, in newspaper articles, and generated significant and substantial press release “pick up.”

You don’t need a PR Firm. You need “the guy” who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Telephone 877-484-4611 or use the form below to learn how Andrew Colton can help you generate attention through highly effective legal press release writing and distribution, media relations, media management and crisis media response.