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Law Firm Media Relations

Litigation Media Relations, Attorney Media Relations From North America’s Legal Communication Expert.

Attorneys nationwide rely on Andrew Colton for professional and effective law firm media relations — including lawsuit announcements, crisis response, press release writing and distribution, and news media management.

Andrew is Director of Communications for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and works extensively with the elite members of “Injury Board.”

Andrew is an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent. Law firms rely on his communication and media skills to condense complex litigation into promotable stories, while setting attorneys as “subject matter experts.”

“Effective attorney media relations is very simple: understand that everything is a story. I am an expert at communicating your story.”


While Andrew is best known for his high-impact, high-value settlement documentaries used by more than 150 law firms, his media insight and knowledge is unparalleled. Andrew’s clients appear on television, radio broadcasts and in newspaper articles. Andrew’s practice does not just focus on personal injury and mass tort litigation. His counsel is sought in securities, family law, real estate, government, immigration and criminal matters.

You don’t need a PR Firm. You need a professional who walks the walk and talks the talk. With more than 150 clients nationwide, Andrew Colton is the go to guy for law firm media relations, crisis management, press release writing and distribution, expert positioning and story generation. Andrew offers rapid response for disaster case management, providing on-scene media relations during times of crisis/breaking news leading to — or resulting from — litigation. There is never a break-out charge for reasonable domestic travel.

Telephone 877-484-4611 or use the form here to learn how Andrew Colton can help you generate attention through highly effective legal press release writing and distribution, media relations, media management and crisis media response.