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Flint Water Litigation

If your law firm is considering Flint water litigation on behalf of Flint residents for their exposure to lead in drinking water, let’s discuss how my high-impact settlement documentaries can help make your Flint water litigation case stronger. The residents of Flint have stories to tell and visible impact to show. My videos routinely lead to record and landmark settlements nationwide, including the largest civil settlement on record in a Midwestern State.

Flint Water Litigation Legal Video

The Flint water crisis didn’t have to happen, and is a stunning example of negligence and incompetence. Show the true impact of the mistakes made through a settlement documentary solidifying your Flint water litigation action.

I am retained by more than 100 law firms across North America. There is never a fee for reasonable domestic travel and there is no outsourcing. I am a communications professional, not a court reporter with a camera.

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