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Colton Legal Media clients are among the leading Plaintiff’s law firms nationwide. Remember: there is no outsourcing, I am on the scene for every production and there is never a charge for travel.

I specialize in humanizing high value litigation involving personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury, mass transit disaster, maritime disaster, products liability, burn, poisoning, trucking negligence, daycare and adult daycare negligence, aviation disaster, police misconduct, construction injury and preventable domestic terrorism cases.

My productions have helped induce more than $1B in settlements.

I am retained by more than 200 law firms across the United States. Here is a brief sampling:

Kline and Specter (Philadelphia and National); Leizerman and Associates (National); The Spence Law Firm (Jackson Hole, WY and National), Colucci, Colucci, Marcus and Flavin (Boston, MA); The Cochran Firm (National); Michigan Auto Law (Detroit, MI and National); Miller and Zois (Baltimore, MD); The Law Firm of Jan K. Apo, (Maui, HI); The Law Firm of Jan K. Apo (Maui, HI); Schiller, Kessler and Gomez (Fort Lauderdale, FL); Colombo Law (National and Morgantown, WV); Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal (Denver, CO); Odegaard Braukmann (Billings, MT); Anapol Weiss (Philadelphia, PA and National); Awad and Miklos (New York); Jennings, Haug and Cunningham (Phoenix, AZ); Keller Fishback (Los Angeles and New York City); Sacks and Sacks (New York City); Gaskins, Bennett, Birrell, Schupp (Minneapolis); Cantelme and Brown (Phoenix); Bailey Onsager (Seattle, WA); Long, Parker, Warren, Anderson, Payne (Asheville, NC); Truck Accident Attorney’s Roundtable (National); Law Offices of Kirke C. Quinn (Boone, IA and National); Hightower Angelley (Dallas, Texas); Sheridan and Murray (Philadelphia); Haberkorn and Associates, (San Jose, CA); Ellis, Ged and Bodden (Boca Raton, FL); The MacDonald Law Firm (Fort Worth, TX); The Schlesinger Firm (Fort Lauderdale); Jolley, Urga, Wirth, Woodbury and Standish (Las Vegas); Watts and Guerra (San Antonio, TX); The Law Offices of Barclay Banister (Princeton, KY); The Stroble Law Firm (Bloomfield Hills, MI); Lundy Law (Philadelphia); Pritzker Olsen (Minneapolis).

International: Trethowans Solicitors (United Kingdom).

Note: sentence mitigation and witness preparation clients are confidential.