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AAJ New Orleans 2020 Conference

Andrew Colton will be engaged in high value, high stakes personal injury litigation during the American Association for Justice conference in New Orleans.

Let’s discuss how I can help you help your clients either before or after the AAJ New Orleans Conference.

Andrew Colton, the premiere producer of Legal Video, Legal Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Brochure and his trademarked “Life After Loss®” productions will be unable to attend AAJ’s Winter Conference in New Orleans. However, Andrew is always available to speak with you. Considered the leading legal communications professional in North America, Andrew serves as communications director for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and works very closely with members of Injury Board. In 2019, Andrew flew more than 200,000 miles while being engaged in cases across the United States as well as in South Korea and the UK.

Andrew’s work has helped induce more than $1B. An award winning former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew Colton is NOT a “court reporter” with a camera. He is a communications professional retained by more than 200 law firms nationwide.

Telephone 877-484-4611 or send a message through the Colton Legal Media homepage.

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Andrew Colton is retained by more than 200 law firms nationwide as the premiere producer of Personal Injury Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, and his trademarked “Life After Loss®” legal video productions. Watch this brief video to learn more.