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Personal Injury Day In The Life Video Secrets For Cases During COVID

Andrew Colton Legal Video

LOS ANGELES, CA (Legal News) — Visuals, above and beyond everything else, make personal injury cases. That’s the advice from Andrew Colton, retained by more than 200 personal injury law firms across North America as the premier producer of Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, Legal Settlement Video and his trademarked Life After Loss® legal video productions worldwide.

“We are living in a Zoom and Webex world,” said Andrew Colton. “There has never been a time where it has been more important to be able to show how your client is living life, or how the family of the deceased is dealing with grief. Simply talking in front of a web cam isn’t going to help you. Using a professional to produce a short documentary will.”

Colton, founder of Colton Legal Media, averages 200,000 miles a year traveling around the world to produce his legal video documentaries. Even during 2020 — as COVID took hold — Andrew Colton still maintained a rigorous travel schedule.

Leading Personal Injury Attorneys React

“The leading attorneys nationwide are not letting COVID stop them from best representing their clients,” said Colton. “I logged 150,000 flight miles between April and December, all decked out in PPE. People critically injured in accidents, medical malpractice incidents, truck crashes, products liability and even Vaping cases don’t have the luxury of doing nothing as COVID plays out. In fact, documenting them during COVID helps show just how challenging their lives are.”

Andrew Colton’s most sought-after legal video offering is his “Life After Loss®” video, which carries a registered federal trademark. A short settlement documentary, the Life After Loss video is exceptionally effective during Zoom and Webex mediations.

Personal Injury Day In The Life Video, Settlement Video Highly Effective For Zoom Trials, Mediations

“It’s a short story,” explained Colton, “and short stories are the entire premise of the evening news. Even during COVID, where most of my interviewees are wearing masks, the videos are exceptionally helpful. We have all become accustomed to watching interviews on television with masks and other COVID safety equipment. It’s just natural to see it now in a litigation video.”

Andrew Colton is an award-winning former on-air national network news correspondent. Learn more here.

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