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Legal Day In The Life Video, Settlement Video: Hiring Expert Is Important

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Attorneys nationwide rely on Andrew Colton. This is the reason why.

Andrew Colton Legal Video

More than 200 law firms nationwide rely on award-winning, former on-air national network news correspondent Andrew Colton for Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, Legal Video and “Life After Loss®” legal video production. His work has helped induce more than $1B in settlements. Time and time again, attorneys count on Andrew Colton for the professionalism that he brings to his productions, a level of professionalism that tech-school trained “court reporters” just don’t have.

“My goal is simple,” said Colton. “It’s all about telling the story as a communications expert. Most of my productions are under ten minutes. They are visually and audibly appealing. The tell the story, they show what’s happening, they show how life has changed but they don’t show anything that is staged or fake. I am constantly surprised when I receive letters from mediators and defense attorneys thanking me for my professionalism and brevity. The facts may not be beneficial to the Defense, but Defense attorneys often appreciate knowing the strength of my clients so that effective settlement discussions can ensue .”

Andrew Colton does not outsource. He is on location and personally handles every aspect of every case.

“I don’t work with a crew,” said Colton. “I can’t imagine having a crew of people in someone’s home, documenting the most personal parts of their new life. I work with a small camera, I effort to be the fly on the wall, and have a way of communicating that I’m often told is uniquely helpful for disaster-like situations.”

In fact, attorneys often commend Andrew Colton for his ability to extract information that they just didn’t have.

“Clients are often putting on a show for their attorneys,” said Colton. “But when I’m there, it’s not a show. It’s real. And that often leads to the personal thoughts and visuals.”

Andrew Colton traveled more than 100k miles in 2019, producing litigation video across the United States from Denver to Detroit, Miami to Minneapolis, New York to Los Angeles, overseas in Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, and on two Hawaiian Islands.

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