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Legal Settlement Video? Don’t Sound Like An Old Lady!

Expert: Legal Settlement Videos Should Be Upbeat, Energetic

Andrew Colton, the nationally renowned producer of legal “day in the life video,” legal settlement documentary and his trademarked “life after loss®” legal video productions has this advice for attorneys: make sure you legal settlement documentary productions don’t sound like an old lady reading her will.

Andrew Colton promotes brevity in his legal settlement documentaries.

“I have seen videos that are long, boring and quite frankly sound like they originated from a nursing home’s day room. That’s not said to be mean. It’s said to ensure that attorneys understand the importance of urgency and speed.”

Andrew Colton speaks nationally to attorney and legal groups about effective communication. He is an award winning, former on-air national network news correspondent. His day in the life, legal settlement video and life after loss® productions have helped induce more than $1B in settlements.

“It’s not an age equation,” said Colton. “It’s all about delivery. Some believe that legal settlement videos should run 30 minutes. That’s absurd. If your case can’t be made in a 12-15 minute video, there’s something wrong with the communications approach. Legal settlement videos should be upbeat, forward moving, clear and concise. When I am retained, the nation’s leading attorneys are seeking highly effective communications, not long winded drama.”

Andrew Colton is retained in high-stakes, high-value personal injury, wrongful death, truck crash, aviation disaster, products liability, maritime disaster, mass transit disaster, construction accident, amputation and traumatic brain injury cases.

“Everything is a story,” said Colton. “Tell the story. Whether through pictures, words, or both, keep it snappy, keep it clear, keep it concise. These are the elements that almost always lead to success in mediation or settlement conference.”

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