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Certified Legal Videographer Is A Bad Hire For Day In The Life Legal Video

Do Not Hire A Certified Legal Videographer (CLVS) For Day In The Life Legal Video, Video Settlement Brochure, Legal Settlement Documentary Production.

A certified legal videographer is the last person you want to hire for day in the life, legal settlement video and video settlement brochure productions. I receive calls multiple times a week from attorneys and paralegals who are trying to fix the legal video productions by CLVS members that are poorly shot, poorly edited and unhelpful for mediation and settlement purposes.

Conversely, I am retained nationwide by more than 100 law firms seeking professional litigation communication through high quality legal video productions.

My name is Andrew Colton.  I am a former network news correspondent who is an expert at humanizing your case — whether through an un-scripted “day in the life video” focusing on how a client is living life following an accident or injury, or my trademarked “Life After Loss®” video productions which are used in high-stakes, high-value cases to reveal how life continues for family members and friends following the defendant’s negligence. I am retained in major cases like Amtrak derailments, plane crashes, major trucking accidents, medical malpractice, extermination negligence, personal injury, wrongful death and police misconduct. My work has helped induce nearly $1B in settlements and has been used by the United States Department of Justice. My clients span coast to coast — I work with everyone on location and never outsource.

A certified legal videographer does not have the skill, background or creativity to effectively produce a legal video production to be used in a high-stakes, high-value case. A certified legal videographer is who you want to document a deposition — something that requires no creativity or movement. When it comes, however, to telling stories through visual imagery, law firms nationwide know that a legal communication professional, not a “certified legal videographer” is the way to go.

Learn more on the homepage by clicking here, or telephone 877-484-4611.

There is never a charge for reasonable domestic travel. I shoot, edit, script and handle all aspects of your legal video production.

And no, there are no certified legal videographers involved.

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