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Proof: Legal Video Settlement Brochure Productions Lead To Record Settlements

Legal Video Settlement Brochure Productions Help Attorneys Induce Major Settlements.

Legal Video Settlement Brochure productions produced by Colton Legal Media have helped attorneys induce major settlements in high profile cases, including Terminix poisonings and Amtrak derailments. Andrew Colton is considered to be the foremost expert in legal video productions. Having spent several years in front of the camera as a national network news correspondent, Andrew Colton’s “Day In The Life Legal Video,” trademarked “Life After Loss” settlement documentaries and “Legal Video Settlement Brochure” productions humanize cases in way that lead opposing counsel and insurance representatives to initiate settlement discussion instead of trial talk. Andrew Colton’s videos extract emotion from victims while presenting a clear and concise explanation of what happened, why it happened and what must be done now.

Andrew Colton’s Legal Video Settlement Brochure productions are utilized in personal injury, aviation, maritime, medical malpractice, wrongful death, police misconduct, theme park injury, construction, truck accident, traumatic brain injury, amputation, chemical poisoning, antibiotic poisoning, burn, mesothelioma and weapon malfunction cases.

Legal Video Settlement Brochure

<Attorneys rely on Andrew Colton’s work because ehe is a true communications professional, not a “deposition videographer.” Andrew understands the “reptile” approach which helps attorneys present a stronger case to focus groups, mediators and, if needed, juries. Andrew Colton does not charge for travel and logs more than 100,000 miles a year working with his clients on location across North America.

Simply put, Legal Video Settlement Brochure productions make the point that there is no other side of the story by sharing the story in a personal, emotional media, Briefs don’t convey emotion in a way that legal video productions can.

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