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What Is A Legal Day In The Life Video?

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A legal day in the life video is highly produced yet real visual representation of what your client is dealing with on a day to day basis. Attorneys use legal day in the life videos to show what briefs can not — that there is a human suffering because of someone else’s negligence.

I am retained nationwide to produce stunning day in the life video productions. A former on-air network news correspondent, more than 150 law firms and attorneys rely on my expertise to provide a finished video documentary that “deposition videographers” just don’t have the experience or creativity to produce.

My legal day in the life video productions routinely lead to record and landmark settlements in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, aviation, truck accident, police misconduct, products liability, chemical poisoning, birth injury, automobile accident, weapon malfunction and mass transit disaster and theme park accident cases. My work is used in high-profile litigation nationwide and has been utilized by the Department of Justice to prosecute a Fortune 100 company that maimed a family.

Legal Day In The Life Video productions should not be haphazard video splices produced in the least expensive way possible. When produced correctly, a Legal Day In The Life Video production can be the center of a case and used for a successful settlement. 95 percent of my cases are resolved in mediation or settlement conferences, avoiding the cost of trial.

My expertise is just a phone call away. Telephone 877-484-4611 to discuss your case and how a legal day in the life video can help you make the difference in your client’s life. There is no better way to ensure justice and to expeditiously move a case from pre-litigation to settlement.

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