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How Attorneys Use Our Settlement Documentaries and Video Settlement Brochures

My productions are used in high-stakes, high-value cases and have helped induce nearly $1 Billion in settlements for clients injured or killed in personal injury, medical malpractice, aviation, train, truck accident, poisoning, police misconduct and products liability cases. I am an award winning former network news correspondent, not a court reporter with a camera. I handle all aspects of your production and log more than 100,000 miles a year working with attorneys across North America.

Attorneys use my work in pre-suit, mediation and trial situations. My Day In The Life Legal Videos and  Life After Loss® videos introduce opposing counsel to your client — showing how the event or action has led to a significant change in life. In the case of wrongful death, my Life After Loss® videos show how family and friends are coping.

My legal settlement documentaries, also known as “Video Settlement Brochure” productions are long form “news magazine” productions that show all elements of your case, providing opposing counsel with a strong overview of your claim that is far more effective than briefs, letters and deposition transcripts.

Learn more by watching the short introductory video above, visiting the homepage or by telephoning 877-484-4611. Email by using the contact link above.