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Video Settlement Documentary For Litigation

The leading trial attorneys nationwide know to stay away from “CVLS” videographers for high-impact Video Settlement Documentary productions and instead retain a broadcast news professional. Court legal videographers do not have the experience or background to effectively and professionally translate your case into a documentary production. Storytelling through video and imagery, however, is what broadcast news professionals do every day.

Experience is often the key to settling a case before incurring the expense of trial preparation.

As my clients have realized time and time again in major, high-profile cases, a documentary with extraordinary narrative development, emotional yet powerful interviewing, eye-catching graphics production and professional narration can make the indisputable point that “there is no other side to the story.”

Through my years as an award-winning ABC News network correspondent, attorneys trust my skills, communications expertise and production excellence to yield highly success video settlement documentary productions that routinely lead to record and landmark settlements in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, maritime, truck accident and civil rights cases.

To learn more, or to simply ask questions about how to produce an effective Video Settlement Documentary, telephone me at 877-484-4611.